A Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (Certified DVBE)
Established in 1979


What We Do:

What We Do:

"My experience working with Hicks was great from their attention to detail, thorough follow-up and one on one touch."

- Sr. ETL Developer
May 01, 2013

IT Staffing

As one of the most trusted and established family-owned IT Staffing firms in California, Hicks Professional Group has been matching top IT talent to our clients' needs for more than 30 years. Temporary, part-time, contract or full time, we bring together the most talented IT professionals and the companies that need them.

DVBE Partnering

We've been a certified DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) since 2008. Coupled with our three decades of IT Staffing experience, this gives Hicks Professional Group the experience and credentials you need, whether you're looking to strengthen the team for your bid, increase your diversity spend or tap into the experienced veteran community.

Veteran Hiring Program

Hiring veterans makes good business sense. They have a strong code of ethics, are proven learners who work well in teams, are very loyal and committed, and generally have advanced technical training they can transfer across contexts and tasks. With more than 200,000 service members leaving the military every year, and more than 80% of their military jobs having a civilian counterpart, that's about 160,000 new, available, competent workers each year who have skills and experience directly relevant to civilian jobs. All you need to do is find and hire them. At HicksPro, we can make that happen.

Payroll Services

We offer a full range of outsourced Payroll Services for our consultants and clients that includes payrolling, billing and access to our generous benefits packages. Payrolling contractors is an easy and effective way to increase DVBE spend requirements for supplier diversity.