A Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (Certified DVBE)
Established in 1979


Who We Are:

Who We Are:

"When our launch date was moved up we realized that we needed more horsepower to develop and deliver software tools critical for science commissioning of the Kepler Mission shortly after launch. Normally, identifying and hiring a qualified software developer takes several months. Also the spin-up time required for a developer to become fully productive in Kepler's unique, custom-built Science Pipeline normally takes several months. We had no time to waste, and Hicks Consulting helped us identify and hire qualified software developers in record time. Hick's Cherie DeWees worked with us to understand the skill set and teamwork attitude we were looking for. We delivered all the launch-critical software on time to support launch and commissioning in no small part thanks to the two personnel that Hick's brought on board our team."

- SETI Institute Principal Investigator
November 06, 2012

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