A Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (Certified DVBE)
Established in 1979


Who We Are:

Who We Are:

"My experience working with Hicks was great from their attention to detail, thorough follow-up and one on one touch."

- Sr. ETL Developer
May 01, 2013

Veteran hiring is a hot topic among business leaders today

October 21, 2014
Ultimately, the decision to hire a military veteran for a project or a job needs to make smart business sense, period. Read more

DVBE Partnership Requirement: From Necessary Evil to Strategic Advantage

August 25, 2014
Most companies interested in contracting with the State of California know they must partner with a state-certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) to meet a minimum three percent participation goal. The intent is admirable but it’s often considered as a necessarily evil. Read more

The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran - Beyond the Cliches

March 5, 2012
Leadership ability and the strong sense of mission that comes from military service are characteristics that are highly valued in a competitive business environment. Read more

Observations on SEAL Team leadership: The team

January 31, 2012
The Navy SEALs are run by great leaders. And the SEALs are. ... (Read full article at BizJounral.com)

Operation Hand Salute

July 6, 2010
AT&T Global Supplier Diversity proudly launches Operation Hand Salute, a California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) initiative. ... (Read full article at ATT.com)

Barnidge: Lending a hand to a Navy SEAL

July 6, 2010
WHEN PUBLIC utilities make headlines, the news rarely is good. It generally means that service has been interrupted, a leak has been ... (Read full article at contracostatimes.com)

Just Another Downturn...IT Consulting Will Recover

May 27, 2010
I have been involved in providing supplemental IT consultants to many hundreds of clients since 1970. In that 40 years there have been 5 economic slowdown events including the current one. Read more

2008-9 is not 2001-3

September 21, 2009
The stock and economic crash of 2001-3 was a crushing event for the IT industry, throughout the nation and the world. No more so than in Northern California. Read more